Dressing up in Summers is not easy. Summers come with its own pros and cons. On one hand you have the liberty of wearing the shortest and lightest thing from your wardrobe, at the same time it is a task to decide on the easy breezy outfit. With summers at its best right now in New Delhi, India Why not document one of the Perfect Summer Outfit.  With the sun soaring high on our heads, I could have roasted myself if I had worn something else apart from this beautiful thing.


Honestly, it is not just about what fit you wear but to tackle the summers one got to be very specific of the fabric. Natural Organic fabrics like cotton or linen are best for summers. These fabrics act as a cooling agent to our body and also ensure less sweat accumulation. The other thing which is really important during summers is the makeup. Wearing really heavy base / foundation during summers, especially when you are moving out will definitely lead to break out. It is best to go for less or no makeup look for hot summer afternoons.

For more tips on How to be summer ready read

As I stepped-out one of the summer afternoon, I made sure that my entire look is as summery as possible.  From the fabric of my dress to the Makeup that I wore, everything was low maintenance and hassle free. Remember the philosophy of less is more whenever you are getting ready for such heated afternoon. However, be extremely generous with the Sunscreen lotion to make sure that you are protected from the sun.


The A-line High waisted dress with flowery print on white cotton fabric did the trick for me. Its not just flowy and breezy but also the Perfect Hemline and the fit makes it an ideal wear for summers. It ain’t too tight and lets my Skin breath and allows perspiration. I teamed the faded blue sneakers with this dress. These are extremely light weight which is really needed for summers and for a person like me who is always on the go.  I Spent good amount of time pondering over the makeup since I was in a fix between make up or no makeup look.

As the sanity prevailed, I decided to play a bit with my eye make up, with a faded lipshade and no base on the face look. The Eyes have been done using two different shades of Eye shadow and a Thin slice of eye liner. The lips were given smudged kissed look by dabbing it with a tissue paper after lipstick application. I did give a bit of Pink blush only to the apples of my cheek. All this makeup done on top of my bare skin with no base or foundation, but just the dose of sunscreen lotion.

Here you go with all my pictures. Have a look and decide for yourself if this is Your perfect look for this summer.



Hope you enjoyed the read & my pictures. Do leave in your comments to let me know your thoughts on My Summer time look.


My Personal Guide To Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

SS-Pre-wedding-24-780x500Indian wedding!!! Well just as these two words can be pronounced and spelled so easily by all of us, it is not so easy to actually do it.  The moment you think you are ready to settle down, The question which stairs right into your eyes is : With who ?

Well, yes! finding a good guy ( Good guy = The guy who is good to you) is the most difficult job on this planet. Not because the men’s population has gone downhill but the quality has definitely not improved as per the requirement of a cosmopolitan girl. May be that’s the reason why I still have so many  happy and successful single girl friends. It wasn’t a cake walk for me as well. After meeting tons of men of varied species with different (sometimes weird) choices in life, I kind of successfully completed this task of finding the man of my dreams as I met My Husband Saurabh Bhargava.

SS-Pre-wedding-53-1024x683Though we met through one of the infamous matrimonial portals, I am still confused whether to call ours a love or an arrange marriage. In fact, our story has so much of drama that I can actually write a whole blog on it. But that’s not the idea here.

With this story of ours, I plan to help all those who are about to get married. May be by reading through our story,  you can plan your days in a better way. It is cute to make mistakes at times but you would not want to do that around your wedding time.

So coming back to my story:  We met in September 2015, it got official on 25th of  October 2015 and our final dates were out.  Before we could blink our eyes, our wedding dates were there in front of us. 4th -5th -6th of February 2016 were the last days as our life as single.

Let me take you closer to the marriage when we were shooting for the pre wedding pictures. Yes, Pre wedding photo shoot is really important. Not only because it is fun but also you get to know your partner in a much better way during this entire exercise of shooting and filming. Also the memories you create during this phase will last a lifetime. However, finding a good wedding photographer in your budget is a tough nut to crack. Sadly the marriages in India are so commercialised that Wedding photography has really become expensive. One can find a decent wedding photographer starting from 4 Lac and above budget!!!

Right-way-to-wash-hair-3-1024x683fMe and Saurabh literally had no clue about how expensive this photography affair can be.  After going through numerous portfolio’s, we finally zeroed down on Siddharth for all our function photography and the cinematography ( It is a fancy sister of videography and therefore high maintenance).

The day of our marriage was getting closer and we were asked to find a location to shoot for our pre wedding pictures .My tips on pre wedding photo shoot: These basic tips will make sure that you have a good time while you are getting yourself clicked for your pre wedding photo shoot. If you keep these in mind, your pre wedding photo shoot is guaranteed to be a fun and memorable experience. These regular do’s and don’t’s are easiest to follow .

  • Make sure you have two days to shoot for the pre wedding.
  • Start early morning as the morning light is best for photography.
  • Co ordinate your clothes ! Ideally one should wear contrast so that you complement each other perfectly. Avoid White.
  • Wear Camera friendly prints, i.e big and bold designs.
  • Do not experiment with your attire. Wear what you are comfortable in so that you are at your best.
  • You must do look-books, at least two. One of them could be in ethnic and the other one could be modern clothing.
  • Ladies, do wear your makeup. Camera is not fond of your bare skin. Also, don’t forget to carry your sun glasses.
  • Be open to your photographer. Do ask him about the theme of the photo shoot.
  • Do carry some props to add little element to the Photo shoot.
  • Before you decide a place to shoot, do find out if the place allows shooting or not. You do not want to end up wasting you energy, your day and most importantly ruining your mood!
  • Do carry food and drinks with you because you will definitely need it and you will be saving some time by keeping it handy.
  • Do not choose a crowded place for the photo shoot. The pre wedding photo shoot requires a sense of silence and serenity around the couple.
  • Last but not the least, Be Yourself!!! This is one photo shoot you will definitely relish all your life. You do not need to pretend or do what you don’t do otherwise. Be Yourself!!!