Tried & Tested Carom Seeds Benefits

Let’s give a round of applause to all the products of our kitchen for they not only make our food delicious but also for their goodness. Next time when you enter your kitchen, slow down and notice the solution to all your problems in a go. One such thing sitting pretty in your kitchen is CAROM SEEDS. It is also Known as Ajwain in Hindi and is used in regular daily cooking purpose as one of the spices.

Carom seeds or Ajwain has a little strong flavor so consuming it directly won’t be that easy for someone who hasn’t developed the taste. However, there are many ways by which you can grab the benefits of Carom Seeds and treat all your issues without really going berserk with chemicals.

Here are the ways by which Carom Seeds can be used in your daily routine :

  1. Carom seeds can be used for treating stomach ache. Mix a tablespoon of Carom seeds with small quantity of salt, add it in a glass on warm water and sip it slowly. It will ease down the pain instantly.


    1. If you are facing indigestion issue, start consuming Carom Seeds on daily basis. Soak a handful of Carom seeds /ajwain in one litre water and keep it overnight. Bring the water to the boil in the morning and consume it empty stomach. You will see great results in a week’s time.
    2. If you are facing acne issue or itchy skin , you can wash your face with Carom Seeds/ Ajwain.How to make it : Simple soak the Carom Seeds/Ajwain in water and let it rest overnight. Use this water in the following morning to wash your face.. The antibacterial quality of Carom seed/ Ajwain is sure to help you.
    3. Carom seeds/ajwain can also cure your blocked nose. Take steam with Carom seeds/ Ajwain infused water and get instant relief.
    4. Drinking Carom Seeds/ ajwain infused water also helps you shed those kilos. The reason behind this weight loss is the digestive propertis of Carom seeds/ajwain . As your body gets this extra dose of Carom Seeds/Ajwain , the food digestion is accelerated , which also makes your metabolism better and hence causing you lose the extra fat.
    5. Did you know Carom seeds/Ajwain can actually help you hair issues too. Add a teaspoon of Carom seeds/Ajwain in your hair oil and warm this mixture, apply it on your scalp using a cotton ball and watch out your after the wash. You will be amazed with the results. On regular use, this will also promote hair growth. One can also grind the Carom seeds/Ajwain and add the power to the oil, The application is easier this way.
    6. Carom seeds/Ajwain can also be applied as a face mask. Grind a handful of Carom seeds/Ajwain and mix it with yogurt so that it becomes paste like apply it over your face for 10- 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Carom seeds/Ajwain has anti bacterial properties and has an enzyme called “Thyme”. This enzyme targets the bacteria building on your skin which lead to scars or milk spots and therefore you get clean and clear skin after the first time use only.

    Isn’ the benefits and uses of Carom seeds/Ajwain too good to be true. Honestly, all the above mentioned tips are tried and tested on my skin ( which is a dry,flaky, sensitive skin) so most of you can rely on this source of good skin , hair and health .

    Do let me know the result if you get to try any of these tips.


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